Comfort which exceeds expectations

Each car class is destined for a certain type of service. Therefore, our services are customized accordingly. Our standard class is defined by Skoda Superb. This standard is usually the top standard when it comes to private transfer providers.

Elegance is a different language

We serve the business protocol while meeting the requirements. We oblige to the requirements in the business and executive fields by offering a premium fleet, starting from Mercedes GLE 350, Mercedes C-Class and Mercedes E-Class or any other car requested by the customer.


Top levels of space and comfort

Refining comfort with an impressive attention to detail, the Standard class is defined by Skoda Superb, an elegant and practical limousine, an extremely spacious model that sets comfort benchmarks, while also offering impressive trunk capacity.


The next generation of limousines

We define the Business class by a car that exceeds the limits of comfort: quiet, solemn, refined – with Mercedes-Benz C-Class you travel about the same as a S-Class limousine, with a little less space inside. Mercedes engineers and designers are constantly proving that more is always possible.


Premium refinement and performance

Our Premium class is defined by the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, a limousine that is not a conventional car, but a car with a higher degree of customization, which makes it suitable for any type of request from a customer.


Engineering masterclass

The SUV class defined by the Mercedes-Benz GLE, smarter and more vigilant than ever, draws a new image of SUVs. Every function and every detail has a single purpose: to provide as much free space and comfort as possible. Discover the new limits of your personal comfort zone. Simply put, it’s about force in elegant and dynamic structures.


Dynamic elegance

Mercedes-Benz V-Class reaches new boundaries when it comes to group transportation.. Provided with six cozy seats, it offers excellent comfort and the ability to facilitate access and interaction between its occupants. If space, number of seats and luxury are the three criteria by which you choose the car, this class will meet your preferences.


Achieve all goals

The Group Class offers space for up to eight passengers and a lot of practical and refined functions that support the efficiency of this class, characterized by the Ford Transit. In addition to a new exceptional level of comfort with generous space, you can easily forget that you are in a passenger car. Both dynamic design and behaviour of the car contribute to this impression.