New partnership by Shuttle Choice

We’re proud to make the announcement of a new partnership between Shuttle Choice and one of the most prestigious brands in Timisoara: Dental Experts Clinic, founded by Prof. Dr. Emanuel Bratu.

With the help of this opportunity, Shuttle Choice rises to be an important in the Western part of Romania.

How did this collaboration come to be? 

Dental Experts offers its patients a variety of services, dental tourism being one of them. This gives patients the opportunity to visit Timisoara both on leisure and for a dental appointment or treatment. Our engagement means to provide the clients with airport transfer as often as needed in their treatment period, as well as other premium services, counting on a personal driver while visiting Timisoara and at any given time. Shuttle Choice’s entire fleet is at their disposal.

This way we can draw attention onto dental tourism even among our regular customers. You can choose to receive oral care and treatment in one of the most … dental clinics in Romania, with state of the art medical equipment and proficiency.

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