Skoda Superb

Skoda Superb is a comfortable car, ideal for personal travels both in the city and on long journeys. The vehicle is very spacious, offering enough room for ideal commodity and large bags. The soundproofing offers a relaxed ride without any of the sound pollution which usually takes place in large cities.

Mercedes V-250 d AVG/E

V Class from Mercedes is a spacious, attractive and practical vehicle, ideal for groups and long trips. The interior design is refined and pleasant, with leather seats and quality materials which are present all over the vehicle. The seats are very flexible in order to assure comfort to all passengers during long trips.

Mercedes GLE 350

Spacious and stylish. This car is ideal for business trips. The interior is enclosed in quality materials which offer an ideal level of comfort to all passengers. The exterior is attractive, elegant, but also discreet, which takes care of privacy issues for the people inside. Long roads become relaxing in this model due to its flexibility and comfort.

Renault Trafic

Renault Traffic is both useful and pleasant in a smart way. It offers an impressive set of innovations, comfort and large space with all the modern amenities and technologies for safety. Its 7 passenger seats and the size of the trunk make this car ideal for trips with a great number of friends or colleagues.

Mercedes C Class

Mercedes C Class offers the luxury and comfort you desire from this type of vehicle. Travel for business purposes and impress your potential partners with a car that has a design so powerful it can impress any person. The components’ quality and the multitude of options guarantee a fast and reliable journey.