You’ve got plenty of reasons to visit Timișoara

History, culture, heritage, night life, relaxation, shopping, business. You name it. Timișoara is one of the top attractions in Romania, and for good reasons too. As you probably already know, this city is going to be The European Capital of Culture in 2021. It’s also currently in the race for title of European Youth Capital.

Timișoara happens to be a great place for a city break and business deals alike, as the market keeps growing with more and more office buildings being built and more businesses showing interest in the area. Located in Western Romania, it’s not too far from Belgrade or Budapest, so it’s a great destination if you’re planning to take a round trip through Serbia and Hungary as well.

Without further ado, here are some places to visit in Timișoara:

Victory Square

Set in the town’s center, Victory Square encompasses The Orthodox Cathedral, an architectural marvel, the National Opera & Timișoara National Theater, as well as cafes and buildings in the renowned Austro-Hungarian architectural style. On a side street from the Opera, more specifically Alba Iulia street, you can also find The German State Theater and The Csiky Gergely Hungarian Theater. To put it simpler, it is a culture lover’s dream come true.

Unirii Square

Also located within the town’s center, Unirii Square encompasses Timișoara’s Art Museum, The Roman-Catholic Dome (St. George’s Cathedral), The Serbian Eparchy of Timişoara, a huge selection of cafes, bars and clubs. This place is where both culture and the night life shine as bright as they can. It’s also not too far from Iulius Mall, where you can find all the things you expect to find in a mall. Other nearby attractions include The Revolution Memorial, City Business Center and The Maria Theresia Bastion.

The Revolution Memorial

The 1989 Revolution that brought down the communist regime in Romania started in Timișoara. So it is appropriate that you can also find a museum dedicated to this event. Here you can program a guided tour through all the thorough details of the revolution and also watch a documentary that shows the horrors which happened during that time. It is a significant historical piece that anyone should consider.

Maria Theresia Bastion

Located not far away from the town’s center lies The Maria Theresia Bastion, named after the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa and it is the largest preserved piece of defensive wall of the Austrian-Hungarian fortress of Timișoara. Here you can find art galleries, cafes and presentation halls that can be rented out for certain events. Basically, history adapted for modern times, perfect for a The European Capital of Culture.

These are just a few examples of places to visit in Timișoara. There is a lot to discover in the capital of Banat. So if you want to visit Eastern Europe, Timișoara is a must!

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